The 7 Most Important Gaming Tips Gamers Need To Hear

If you’re looking for gaming tips, it’s very easy to just focus on specific game titles. The problem with that approach is that those tips are just related to handling specific challenges for one title, and they rarely carry over to video games in general.  If you are looking to quickly gain some sort of strategic advantage against other players of a … Read more

Top 15 “Go-To” Online Games Stores

Getting video games used to be a hassle. It really was. You’d have to get in your car or wait for the bus or train at the subway, get to the store, pick out a title – sometimes, the games are misplaced and aren’t filed where they’re supposed to be. Oftentimes, there’s also a crowd … Read more

The 10 Best Console Emulators To Use for Retrogaming

Retrogaming has gotten big lately. You only need to look at the popularity of the world builder game and crafting game Minecraft to get a good idea of how popular this game trend is. If you’re used to highly sophisticated, cutting-edge graphics, you might be put off by the basic and almost clunky graphics of Minecraft.   … Read more

A Quick Intro to the Basics of Emulator Gaming

Emulators are software or hardware products that enable people to play console video games on their PCs.   To “emulate” means to copy. This is precisely what happens with emulator gaming.  When you install emulator software, your PC copies the environment and internal processes that would enable it to play games that you could normally only … Read more

The 8 Most Popular Gaming Consoles on the Market

Make no mistake; gaming consoles can be quite tricky to select from. A lot of people think that once you’ve seen certain gaming consoles that their features pretty much extend to other similar gaming platforms. Not so.  Gaming consoles, by design – as well as based on the nature of the video game console industry … Read more

Best Emulators For Playing Retro Games


We live in a period when newly released games are reaching mind-boggling levels of the realism of graphics and gameplay variety and innovation. However, it all comes at a rather hefty price, as in getting the rig that’s strong enough to run these games smoothly; all that can cause headaches. If, on the other hand, … Read more

Best Games That Can Run On Ryujinx

Ryujinx Games

While there are quite a few Nintendo-focused emulators out there, Ryujinx takes Nintendo Switch emulation to the next level. A lot of gamers find themselves looking for Nintendo emulators, simply because Nintendo release a lot of exclusive games that cannot be played on other systems.  Ryujinx is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator, meaning that it … Read more

Ryujinx vs. OpenEmu: Which Emulator Is Right For You

Ryujinx vs OpenEmu

In the world of emulators, there are plenty of different pieces of software to choose from. From open-source emulators and closed-source emulators to emulators for handheld consoles, your options really are limitless. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Ryujinx Emulator, a Nintendo Switch emulator, and OpenEmu, a rather unique emulator that … Read more