We would like to make your experience of using Ryujinx as smooth as possible which is why we have compiled the following FAQs. We hope these answer most of your Ryujinx related questions, however, if you have any additional inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us or official developers.

Does It Support Online Play?

Yes, Ryujinx can play online Nintendo Switch games. However, due to legal issues, the only feasible type of online play with Ryujinx is through Local Networks.

How To Add Games To Ryujinx?

Download your Nintendo Switch ROMs to your computer into an easy-to-find directory. Go to Ryujinx and click the Options tab, then select Settings. In the General tab, click the “Browse” button at the “Game Directories” section and select the folder where your ROMs are located then click add. You can have multiple file directories added to Ryujinx but it is recommended to have a single file directory for all of your games.

How To Download And Install The Program?

You can download Ryujinx from the official download site here: https://ryujinx.org/download/ or from our website. Ryujinx is easy to install. Simply download the app from the official website and copy the resulting .zip file to whichever folder you want. Extract it and it is ready to use. You can run Ryujinx by opening the Ryujinx.exe file.

How To Install Firmware On Ryujinx?

First, make sure to download a legitimate copy of the Nintendo Switch firmware into your computer. You then go to Ryujinx and click on the Tools tab, choose “Install firmware”, and click the appropriate option. You will then be prompted to find and select your copy of the firmware and then Ryujinx will install the firmware in a few minutes.

How To Install Ryujinx On Mac?

The process of installing Ryujinx on a Mac is similar to how you install it on a PC. Simply download Ryujinx from the official site and extract it to a folder you want. Open the folder where you extracted the Ryujinx .zip file to and run the application as normal.

How To Update Games On Ryujinx?

You can update your games on Ryujinx by using the Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder tool to patch the ROMs you are playing on Ryujinx. You can find an easy-to-follow guide on how to use the NSC Builder tool here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPwQGBgopOg

Newer versions of Ryujinx allows you to update your games by right-clicking a game on the list and clicking the “Manage Title Updates” option. You then navigate and select the corresponding update of the game you have chosen and click “Add”. Ryujinx should now display the updated version number of the game you have updated.

How To Update Ryujinx?

Unfortunately, there is still no automatic updater for Ryujinx. But the process of updating this emulator is relatively simple. Download the latest version of Ryujinx from the official website and copy the necessary configuration files such as the keys into the new version. You will also need to manually check and change the settings of the newer version of Ryujinx.

Is It Good?

Ryujinx is one of the first Nintendo Switch emulators to be developed and it is generally considered by the gaming community as a dependable emulator in playing Nintendo Switch games. But since the Ryujinx is still in development, bugs and glitches are common.

Is It Legal?

Yes, using emulation tools like Ryujinx is not considered illegal as the application does not include any Nintendo proprietary software such as Nintendo Switch firmware and game ROMs.

Is Ryujinx Better Than Yuzu?

While some gamers prefer Ryujinx over Yuzu, and vice versa, both emulators are in continuous development and their developers often learn from each other while they develop their respective emulators. Which emulator you wish to use is largely up to your personal preferences and whether or not the emulator is compatible with a game you want to play.

Keyboard Not Working On Ryujinx?

Please make sure that you have copied the correct version of the prod.keys file to the Ryujinx folder. You can find this prod.key in the .zip file of the version of Ryujinx that you are using.

No Sound?

Older versions of Ryujinx may encounter some audio problems and may even result in no sound being played while in-game. This issue has largely been fixed in the newer versions of Ryujinx but please make sure that the game you want to play is compatible with your version of Ryujinx. You can check their official list of compatible games here: https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx-Games-List/issues

Not Loading Your Game?

Make sure that you have installed the latest Nintendo Switch firmware on Ryujinx. Also, make sure that the game is compatible with the version of Ryujinx you are using.

Ryujinx Can’t Detect Controller?

Ryujinx has a feature that allows it to automatically detect if there is a controller connected to your computer. You can check this on Ryujinx by going to Options and then Settings. Unfortunately, there is no specific fix to this problem at this time. If Ryujinx is unable to detect your controller, consider using a different controller instead.

Ryujinx Can’t Install Firmware

Make sure that the prod.keys file is copied to the Ryujinx folder and restart Ryujinx. This will solve this problem most of the time.

Ryujinx Is Slow?

Check the Settings and make sure that all the Log options are disabled. Make sure that Ryujinx is set to use your graphics card as the emulator’s default graphics processor. Some games may require OpenAL so make sure you have that installed on your computer.

If lag and low frame rates are still an issue, consider tweaking your graphics card options and lowering the resolution of the games you are emulating.

Ryujinx Keeps Crashing?

Ryujinx is still an emulator in development and you may experience frequent crashing as you start up a game. This is most likely caused by the game not being compatible with the current version of Ryujinx. You can check the list of compatible games here: https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx-Games-List/issues

Ryujinx may also keep crashing when emulating games due to the computer not having met the minimum system requirements.